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FUZE TV offers FREE addicting content to entertain your customers and even keep them at your establishment longer.  Your cost is only your audience, we pay for the network off some sponsord content and advertising but it is Entertainment 1st so request your player, cancel that extra cable box and play FUZE TV – Welcome to Entertainment..

What You Need For FUZE TV

Customers don't mind or realize how long they are waiting for their pizza because they are watching FUZE TV
Mancino's Pizza
Fremont, MI
We love FUZE TV, and everyone watches it.
Jimmy's Roadhouse
Newaygo, MI


- FAQ -

Why is FUZE TV different From cable or satellite?

We are viral entertainment, videos shared from the world wide web, local content from people and places in the area and information relevant to your customers, we provide an alternative to the sports, news or DIY channels. that get peoples attention.

Can I Change The Channel?

Yes you can change the channel to your other cable or satellite provider if there is another program you would like to watch, we do need you to change it back after for more entertaining new content.

How Much Does FUZE TV Cost?

FUZE TV is 100% free to play at your bar or restaurant.
Your payment is that we get to entertain your customers 

Contact Us

Contact Us

FUZE Media Group Inc. 
37 East Main St. Ste C
Fremont, MI 49412
(231) 335-1214

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